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STS-114 Mission
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STS-114 Mission

Last Updated: August 12, 2005

The STS-114 mission is the first Return-to-Flight mission since the Space Shuttle Columbia accident and 16th International Space Station (ISS) assembly mission by the Space Shuttle, named Logistics Flight 1 (LF1). The purposes of the STS-114 mission are below.

  • Return to Flight test mission.
  • The Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) carries supplies and equipment to the ISS.
  • Remove and replace Control Moment Gyro (CMG).
  • Delivers the External Stowage Platform 2 (ESP-2) to the ISS.
Image Image
STS-114 NASA mission patch STS-114 JAXA mission patch

Mission Highlights

Launch July 26, 2005 at 10:39 a.m. EDT
Launch Pad 39B
Flight Duration 13 days, 21 hours, 32 minutes
Crew Members 7 members
Orbiter Discovery
Orbital Altitude Insertion Altitude: about 226 km
Orbit Inclination 51.6 degree
Landing Aug. 9, 2005 at 8:11 a.m. EDT
  • Orbiter Boom Sensor System (OBSS)
  • Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM)
  • Control Moment Gyro (CMG)
  • External Stowage Platform 2 (ESP-2)
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