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STS-114 Mission
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Last Updated: February 10, 2005

Photo: EVA at STS-113 mission

Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi (EV1) and astronaut Stephen Robinson (EV2) will perform three spacewalks while the STS-114 mission. The crew will test techniques for repairing elements of the Space Shuttle's thermal protection system, replace a Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG) on the Station and install an External Stowage Platform 2 (ESP-2).

EVA 1 (Flight Day 5)

During the first extravehicular activity, the spacewalkers will test some new techniques for repairing damaged a thermal protection system (TPS) on the Space Shuttle.

EVA 2 (Flight Day 7)

The spacewalkers will replace one of the Station's four CMGs during the second STS-114 EVA. The CMGs provide primary attitude control capability for the ISS. While the other three CMGs continue to function normally, the fourth CMG suffered a mechanical failure in 2002. The remaining gyroscopes have been providing full attitude control since then, but all four will be needed as the Station's main truss continues to expand.

EVA 3 (Flight Day 9)

During the third spacewalk, Robinson and Noguchi will install and activate an External Stowage Platform on the Station's Quest Airlock. The platform is designed to hold Orbital Replacement Units, or ORUs, that will be delivered to the Station in the future.

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